Hawaii Families as Allies

HFAA is home to the first Certified Parent Support Providers (CPSP) and first Certified Family Peer Specialists (CFPS) recognized Nationally by the National Federation of Families in the State of Hawaii. We are the Statewide Chapter of the National Federation of Families, a national organization of families dedicated to moving systems service change forward.

Helping Families Help Themselves in an authentic way…because we’ve been there too!

If your child seems emotionally or behaviorally ‘different’…we can HELP! Our PSP’s are highly qualified – using their unique ‘lived experience’ to work with families and connect them to the help and resources they need.  We support families best, because we understand – we’re Parents too! We believe in connecting with families and providing Peer Parent Support authentically; seeking help shouldn’t be forced. Family voice and choice to guide services is an integral part of hope and healing and we are here for the journey. 

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