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About Community Children’s Councils (CCC)

The Community Children’s Councils serve children and families including those with disabilities and mental health needs through collaborative partnerships fully supported collaborative partnerships require equal participation and shared responsibilities of families, local providers, community stakeholders and representatives.

One of the key partnerships in the development of a full array of services to special needs children and their families, the Community Children’s Councils are led by volunteer parent and professional co-chairs from their community.

What do we do?

We provide a safe and welcoming place for our community members.

Community Needs

Host a safe space to hear about the needs of those in our community.


Provide a welcoming space to build lasting relationships and better each other’s lives.

Problem Solving

Work with other volunteers in our network to problem solve and better serve children and their families.


Host meetings to have open discussions about the daily lives of our students and family members.

Community Resources

Learn from others in the community and share your resources and skills to better each other’s lives.

Community Activities

Find activities in the community to grow and better your family as well as others in the process.


Volunteer within the council to help share your knowledge and experiences.

Collaborative Partners

Systems that serve our children
Educational | Medical | Vocational | Judicial

Where are we?

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