The Future of Families – TedX

Four discoveries that change everything | George Carey | TEDxNaperville


For the past ten thousand years, the parent/child balance of power has been hierarchical with the moms and dads making most decision and kids following their lead. But in the last ten, a new generation of Millennial parents have replaced the family hierarchy with a family web: one in which most parents view their child as their best friend, moms and dads have abdicated as the primary seat of power, and most decision making is democratic. In short, the core values that guide families’ choices on everything from the brands they buy to the candidates they vote for look nothing like those of previous generations. In his talk, family branding guru and founder of The Family Room LLC George Carey takes a closer look at these changes, their impact on children, how they are changing the future of families and the future of our world forever.

George began his career in youth and family marketing with his childhood love of Bugs Bunny cartoons (ask him to do his imitation of Foghorn Leghorn). Since then he has become one of the world’s leading authorities on youth and families. He began his career in the youth and family advertising space where he led global accounts like Procter & Gamble and General Mills. He then founded Just Kid Inc., a research, strategy, and innovation agency that ultimately evolved into The Family Room. George has been a policy advisor to the Department of Health and Human Services and a Tween Segment Specialist for the White House Office of Drug Control Policy. He’s also a Kid Power and Golden Marble Award Winner. On a good day he also gets the “Great Dad” award from his 2 teenage daughters.

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