<strong>Hawaii State Department of Education A+ Tuition Offset for School Year 2024-2025</strong>

To help families recover from the pandemic, the Hawaii State Department of Education has been providing financial assistance as a tuition offset to help families who pay full tuition afford the A+ program. The current A+ tuition rate is $200. Since 2021, families have been able to pay $120/month per student and have received a tuition offset of $80/month.

For School Year 2024-2025, due to limited funding the A+ Program will be reducing the tuition offset from $80 to $40. Families who pay full tuition will increase their payment from $120/month to $160 per month. The A+ Monthly Fee has increased monthly tuition from 9 months to 10 months to account for after care provided during early release days and school conference days. Payment for the months of December and January will NOT be combined as in past years. Parents will need to pay $160 for December and $160 for January

DHS A+ Subsidy

The State Department of Human Services (DHS) provides funding for subsidies to cover the cost of the monthly after school A+ program fee to assist families in need. DHS has adjusted the eligibility schedule, increasing the maximum income eligibility levels.

Families who previously exceeded the income eligibility may now possibly qualify for this subsidy. The subsidy will cover the full monthly program fee.

DHS Child Care Connections Subsidy

Families who require financial assistance but do not qualify via the income eligibility requirements for the DHS A+ subsidy, can apply for the DHS Child Care Connections subsidy. This funding provides partial tuition reimbursement directly to families. Information on this subsidy can be found on the A+ website and at WHAT ARE THE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR CHILD CARE SUBSIDY?

Income Eligibility Calculator

New A+ Income Eligibility Table for DHS A+ Subsidy

School Year A+ Registration: May 6, 2024.

Families who participate in the A+ Program may also qualify for financial assistance through the Department of Human Services( DHS) A+ Subsidy. To qualify, families must meet income eligibility requirements. DHS provides the A+ Programs with an Income Eligibility Table to assist families with qualifying for the subsidy.

For School Year 2024- 2025, DHS has updated the Income Eligibility Table to reflect the increased gross income limit to 300% of the 2024 Federal Poverty Level for Hawaii families. The new A+ Income Eligibility Table will be available for the 2024-2025 school year.

Start by entering the Annual Gross Income from all sources in your household. Once complete, enter the number of people in your household and click the “Check Eligibility” button. Keep in mind, this calculator does not guarantee eligibility.

Annual Gross Income from All Sources:
Household Size:

Maximum Gross Income Eligibility – 300% of the 2021 Federal Poverty Level

Max. Annual Gross IncomeMax. Monthly Gross IncomeMax. Semi-Monthly
Gross Income
Max. Bi-Weekly
Gross Income
Max. Weekly Gross Income
For families/HHS with more than 15 members, add for each HH member:
$5,220 to the maximum yearly gross Income, and
$435 to the maximum monthly gross income